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You can simply purchasing pets with Points from an 
Ytudana the Item Shop NPC. Ytudana is located in a town like Cronous Castle, Sittis Terra, and so on.
Every Pet can be simply used by putting the pet item into Pet item slot, as you can see in the picture. To inactivate or grow another pet, remove current pet you are raising from the pet slot.
  •  You can see the shape of pet by putting it into pet slot.
  • Pet currently raising is indicated with “USE” sign on the item, this enables you to define which pet you are raising.
  •  Click on the pet to inactivate as shown in the picture.
  • Life of Pet - displayed with red bar as shown in the picture. 
    A.Life of pet is decreased in proportion by decreasing HP of character has damaged. 
    The pet dies when life has exhausted. 

    B.Pet died cannot be raised nor items stored in the pet retrieved. Dead pet must be resurrected 
    within 7 days to raise again, otherwise pet will be permanently removed. 

    C.Pet(including items stored) can only be resurrected by () 

    D.Life of pet can be automatically restored by staying in safe zone, Pet HP Potion in potion shop 
    and Pet HP Package from the item shop.
  • Satiety of Pet - displayed with yellow bar as shown in the picture 
    A.The bar is divided into 60 points, soon as pet is put into pet slot the points will decrease 
    1 points by every 1 minute. 
    Therefore if pet is not fed for 1 hour, maximum life of pet shall be deducted by 20%. Deducted maximum life cannot be restored with Pet HP Potion, but restored with Pet MAX HP

    B.As maximum life of pet has decreased, there is higher probability of dying, so that it is recommended to feed pet in regular time. Pet shall die if it is not feed for five hours.


Pet gains 20% of EXP that character gains by killing monsters, and pet can grow up to level 50. Appearance and options of pets are shown in the table below. However, numerical option values vary randomly between minimum and maximum values.


A Draco can be created by combining two different pets “Dragon series” and “Pig Series” 
In comparison to other pets, Draco has exclusive options to support their masters. Most notably, Draco boasts 12 warehouse slots available on its first level.

  • LV 50 Little DragonLV 50 Little PigLV 1 Draco
  • LV 50 Phantom DragonLV 50 Groon PigLV 1 Bishuta Draco
  • LV 50 Zarv DragonLV 50 Groon PigLV 1 Bishuta Draco
  • LV 50 HooliWoot?LV 50 HooliWho?LV 1 Red Devil
Level 50 Little Dragon
Level 50 Phantom Dragon
Level 50 Zarv Dragon
  Level 50 Little Pig
Level 50 Groon Pig
Level 50 Leo Pig
  Craft Stone   Level 1 Draco
Level 1 Bishuta Draco

Location of Combination: Kayla the combine NPC in Sittis Terra. If the combination fails, all materials will vanish unless special craft stone is used. 
With the usage of special craft stone pets will not be destroyed but special craft stone itself will. Before ombining, 
please make sure to empty the warehouse slots of both pets since it is impossible to recover the items stored in the pets.



Pet HP Potion
  Restore HP of Pet
Used by right click.
(with Cro)

Pet HP Package
  1000 Potion Package recover 100% HP of Pet
Used by right click.
  Item Shop
(with Points)

  Recover Satiety 
Used by right click.
(with Cro)

Pet Resurrection
  Recover pet’s MAX HP that down by the hunger.
Used by right click
  Item Shop
(with Points)

Pet HP Potion
  Resurrect dead pet
Used by right click
  Item Shop
(with Points)