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Centuries have passed since Sydus stole the Crystal Ball of Kanon Magic School. Even after 4 Tartanos Wars, nobody could ever tell where it went. Then at the 5th Tartanos War, Sydus came back with the stolen Crystal Ball. 

Sydus brought the Crystal Ball to unleash Matariel who was trapped in the spell after failing resurrecting Macuapel. Sydus estimated the potential of freeing Matariel with the massive energy of the Crystal Ball. Unfortunate for Sydus, Coellissliss/Valkyrie Alliances ambushed and killed Sydus and took the Crystal Ball back. The last words of dying Sydus said that Macuapel will come back to life the day when parted brothers meet again. 

Nobody really understood the last words of Sydus but it did not take too long to learn what Sydus meant. The power of Crystal Ball was equivalent to the Primodium. Deciding how to resolve the Primodium and the Crystal Ball, the Allied Force between Coellissliss and Valkyries attacks the demons and take back the Primodium they were carrying back to their dimension. Afterwards, Coellissliss Sector dropped the Primodium into a boiling magma. The Crystal Ball on the other hand, was placed in the deepest dungeon of Kanon Magic School. 

Studying the essence of the Crystal Ball, Magicians earned much more powerful skills. But training and overcoming the power of the Crystal Ball was not an easy task; indeed many Magicians died in the process. Alarmed, Kanon Magic School prohibited the usage of Crystal Ball for training purposes but this prohibition did not stop anyone. Those who survived the forces of the Crystal Ball were honored as Wizard which means 'The Seeker of Truth' according to the ancient record



  Arcane Bomb   Detonating the internal mana of the enemy   Wizards knows how to detonate the mana of their enemies with a spark    
  Agony Canine   Burning the victim with Flames of Fury.   Angry Flame has a shape of a fang, and this fang burns    
  Frickle Ice   Piercing the victims with the sharpest ice blades   Wizard impales their victims with the sharpest and coldest ice blades.    
  Electrocuting the victim with the lightening arrow.   Wizard fries the victim with the arrow-shaped magic assaults.    
  Saving the mana while using the magic skills.   The constant meditation of the Wizards enables to utilize mana in the most efficient fashion.    
  Fire Storm   Burning everything in the scope of range.   Firestorm burns and burns everything.   Agony
  Ice Protection   Protecting oneself by bringing together the icicles.   stamina, Wizard knows how to carry themselves. Ice protection keeps them save till it all melts   Frickle
  Mark of
  Decreasing enemy's defense rate by pounding the enemy for certain period   The Mark of Coellissliss sparks the enemy and brings down their defense rate   Lightening
  Quick Teleport   Instantly relocating oneself   Magicians always knew how to relocate themselves. This is nothing new to the Wizards either    
  Curse of Lapis   Decreasing enemy's attack success rate by sparking the cursed flame.   Wizards bring down the attack success rate of the enemies while inflicting flame damage on the enemies.   Agony
  Bless of Exiliss   Increasing the MP of the party members.   Wizards increase the MP of the fighting party with the blessing of Exiliss.    
  Freezing the victims in long distances with the Blizzard Storm   The Ice Storm damages and slows down the victims. It really is so damn cold.   Frickle
  Cataclysm   Inflicting steady damage by cursing the enemy with the worst confusion.   The power of confusion is a deadly one. It creates the dimension of chaos and traps the enemy. Once trapped, victims suffer some critical damage   Meteor
10 Mark
  Dread Force   Reducing the attack rates of the nearby enemies for certain period   Wizards distort the enemy's surroundings and bring down their attack rates and magic damage rates.    
  Meteor Strike   Dropping massive Meteors on the enemies in long distances   Wizards crush and burn the enemy by dropping massive Meteors on them   Fire



  Booster HP & MP   HP&MP booster. 1 person buff.    
  Magma Stone   Fire Storm.Wide area skill.   Fire Storm 20
  Final Blizard   Menace.Wide area target skill   Menace Blizzard 20