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EK, the initials of the founder, is the symbol that only magicians can use. Magicians finished the 14 years of academic curricula at Kanon Magic School, and they are unrivaled in magic. Various classes of children from different familes are sent to the school but only a few of them are accepted. At first, they are trained to increase their basic physical strength and encouraged to have special interest in nature and art. For 14 years, they should learn all kinds of magic thoroughly through basic and advanced courses. 
Furthermore, they should accumulate the comprehensive and deep knowledge of the liberal arts, including history, philosophy, astronomy, and art, working very hard to increase their physical strength. Even the gifted students have a hard time completing every course for 14 years. Many students drop out or give up in the middle of their work, so that less than half of them can successfully graduate from the school. On the graduation day, a special ceremony is held, where their magic is sealed. 

When the magic they learned for 14 years is sealed, magicians feel confused and even agonized. This ceremony is held due to the will left by Eninderik Kanon, the great magician, saying that only the person who can break the seal by himself can become a real magician who can understand humans and nature. The wise in Kanon overcame the obstacle, proving every year that Kanon's will is true. 
According to informal information, some magicians were helped to break the seal. Most of them are known to be related to the evil. The origin of Kanon Magic School should be also mentioned. The school was established in A.C. 392 by Eninderik Kanon, the Great Magician. Because the magic had been handed over to the next generation through a few families, the general public had not been given any opportunities to learn magic before the school was set up. However, due to the Tartanos war, some people argued that ordinary people should be taught Magic to fight against the evil. 

However, other magician families opposed the idea because they got the power thanks to their own magic. The Coellis sect, whose main power was from magicians, had to experience a big crisis due to this conflict. Under this circumstance, Eninderik, the great magician of the Kanon family, showed up to end the conflict, playing a leading role in winning the war. Then, he set up Kanon Magic School. The place where the school is located is known to be surrounded by mysterious power from the past. 
Magicians can use magic at their disposal thanks to many years of training, which depends on their ability to break the seal. They are trained to use most weapons but their favorite is a magic stick. Furthermore, they can use most of the existing magic, even creating special magic through developed skills. 
One year before Sidus attacked Platonis, a big incident occurred in Kanon Magic School. When many magicians left for the sanctuary for commencement, Balder, one of Sidus' men, successfully broke the protection and stole away the crystal ball. The power of the ball was not known to the outside world but travellers guess that it has mysterious power. Kanon Magic School quickly organized a special squad to get it back, which caused controversies among the wise that lasted for the next one year. The issue was related to the tradition of sealing the magic of the squad, a tradition which had been followed by the school for more than 1500 years. Some people argued that they should send young magicians whose magic was not sealed in order to get the ball back as soon as possible. Others counterattacked, saying that such a decision would cause a more serious disaster. While the wise were divided, Sidus attacked Platonis. 
Ultimately, they decided to follow the will, sending a group of magicians to get the ball back.
However, Kanon lost contact with many of them, so that it keeps sending graduates to get the job done.



  Explosion   Do fire damage to enemies, by using exploding flame.   The higher the skill level is, the more powerful the explosion becomes.   2
  Ice Prison   Freeze enemies by cooling down water particles in the air. Do water damage to them.   You can make your enemies slower, depending on the skill level, by using this skill. The time for freezing enemies is affected by their resistance. The higher the level is, the wider the attacking range is.   5
  Attack enemies by using lightning from the sky.   Lightning shock is the best skill in effective range magicians can use. Of course, the skill level should be increased to destroy all of the enemies around you.   8
  Air Pressure   Make a deadly and comprehensive attack against enemies.   Air Pressure is different from the basic magic of general magicians. The attribute of this magic is not seen and the damage it does to enemies doesn't decrease by their resistance. Furthermore, because it can be activated quickly, you can use it continuously. Even when you are surrounded by enemies, it can help you get away from them. It can also be combined with instant movement to enable you to use a hit and run-away strategy. Even though more Mana is consumed, this skill can be fully used with Mana Compress.   13
  Compress Mana for magic to maximize its efficiency.   �쁌ana Compress' is a skill required to master high-level skills. High-level skills consume a huge amount of Mana. Therefore, without skills reducing Mana consumption, your Mana may be used up in an instant. �쐔acking them.   15
  Magic Shield   Defensive skill for magicians who are weak in defense. MP is consumed, rather than HP.   This is an important life-preserving skill for magicians who are not strong enough to take part in a battle. Magic Shield absorbs part of the damage inflicted on magicians in the form of MP and consumes the rest of it in HP. The higher the skill level is, the more damage MP absorbs. Therefore, magicians must learn this skill.   20
  Astral Storm   This is magician's ultimate magic causing light explosion, whose effective range is very wide.   This is more comprehensive in effect than existing attacking magic. The damage it does to enemies is deadly enough to make itself be called a critical hit, but it needs much Mana and time. If you can be protected by close combat characters, this skill can wield the greatest attacking power.   25
  Teleport   In an instant, you can move to the location you want.   Valkyrie's burst enables you to move to the location you want, only when you have a specific target. However, teleport makes it possible for you to move to the location you want, at any time. Therefore, you can jump over a wall or leap across an obstacle.   30
  Magic summons that can use skills for magicians   Pururavas, an active friend of magician's, helps magicians fight enemies, following them, by using some attribute magic skills magicians learned. However, the summons time is limited. When the time is up, it disappears.   45
  Summon Sasta using strong magic.   Sasta, a magical tribe concluding a contract with magicians, makes a strong range attack against enemies at the request of magicians and then disappears. During the effective period of time, magicians are open to enemies' attacks but Sasta's strong magic is powerful enough to make such danger negligible. However, you should be careful because summoning Sasta requires much Mana.   60