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After the 5th Tartanos War, Savages have been guarding the sealing site of Matariel, located at the highest summit of Patria. Polishing their exclusive combat skills from the oldest days, Savages fight physically instead relying on the magic power. In a melee combat situations, Savages are stronger than any other class, but in other situations like distance attack or supernatural damages, Savages do have their own weakness. What could they do about it? It seemed nothing much. 

Very concerned, the Savage leaders asked Eric Securis the Savage hero of Tartanos War to lead them through. Being a fighter with a Savage origin, Eric Securis was the right choice. Under Securis leadership, there came significant changes within the Savage Combat skills. 

Rarely using any magic skills, Savages intimidate the ghost out of the foes with their loud shouting. This method however was never planned and lacked variety. Securis realized this part was to be innovated. 

Savages built a training camp at the highest summit of Patria where they trapped Matariel. The war fever has not ceased yet there and the power of Primodium is still there; Patria is the right place to train for the future. 

After centuries of rigorous training, Savages combat skills have gone through major changes. Savages are waiting for the next Hollowday; they are ready to fight. The toughest savages who survive Camp Patria are honored as 'Titans'



  Clash   Instantly striking the enemy and muting them as well.   Attacked by Clash, the enemies lose their consciousness as well    
  Slaught   Physically attacking in the widest range of scope.   Titan weapons are fatal from the very beginning, and they hit many at the same time.    
  Death Bringer   Reducing the defense rate of the nearby enemies.   Titans and Savage shout everything to deaf and destroy the neural system of the victims. Following attacks are inevitably fatal.    
  Hack Edge   Slashing the target in a sporadic fashion.   Titans slash the victim into pieces   Clash 5
  Cry of Bravery   Luring all the nearby enemies by tiger roaring.   Titans shock and damage many with their tiger roaring    
  Titan's Spirit   Increasing the defense rate.   Titans increase their defense rate with their exclusive skills    
  Bash   Bashing the enemy with accumulated strength.   Although Bash hits one at a time, it is one of the most lethal combat skills amongst the Savages   Hack
  Vortex   Vortex chops the enemy with rotational pattern   Hit by the rotating the weapons, the enemies rests in pieces   Cry of
  Infinite vigor   Increasing the attack rate and attack speed.   Titan's unfading stamina brings up the attack rate along with the speed.    
  Swift   Increasing the moving speed and defense success rate   Once mastering the craft of Swift, no Titan will be labeled as dull and slow.    
  Overwhelm   Freezing the victims by striking them with the weapon.   Titans expert in melee but they too have a range attack. Overwhelm throws the weapon and stuns the victim.    
  Berserk's Cry   Increasing HP   Enough HP for Titans in the frontline is a MUST. Berserk's Cry boosts the HP.    
  Cry of Titan   Increasing the attack rate   Unlike Savages, Titans go either way; they defend as well as attack. Yes they do know how to pull a stronger attack.    
  Grand Slam   A range attack by sending a shockwave after breaking the ground.   This shockwave is much more than a weapon assault. This skill also increases the attack success rate.   Bash 10
Vortex 10
  Cry of Valor   Increasing skill level of the fighting party.   The battle-cry of the Titans boosts the morale of the fighting party and it brings up the skill by 2 at the most.   Bash 10
Cry 10


  Booster HP & MP   HP&MP booster. 1 person buff.    
  Fire Bash   Bash.1 person close skill   Bash 5
  Shouting Bravery   Cry of Bravery Party Buff.   Bravery 5