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Fighters are known for their faith toward Coellissliss. Well balanced between strength and mana, they are the backbone of Platonis Knight Corps. As the descendants of Amos Larson, fighters live by their peace loving creeds. In times of peace, they are the nicest people. In times of war, they do not look back or think twice. They are the guardians of their beloved people. 

With honor and brotherhood, Fighters bless their fellow warriors who go to the battlefield. As for Macuapel sector, Fighters are the worst nightmares. As Tartanos War goes on, Fighters have been colliding with the Dark Nights of Macuapel sector. Highly skilled with the evil magic and curses, Dark Knights are the arch enemies of the Fighters. Indeed, Dark Knights are the very menace of Cronous continent. 
What made everything worse was Dark Knights spread the wicked teachings of Macuapel Sector all over the continent, and therefore, even after the Tartanos War, the fighters had to eliminate the deep-rooted leftovers of Macuapel Sector. Bloodbath was tragic, but yes there was no other choice. 

As the execution went on, Fighters realized that something has gone seriously wrong. Instead of saving the lives, they were killing the lives instead of guiding the misled followers back to the right track. In order to set defend their forgotten honor, Fighters got together at Platonis, the very foundation of Coellissliss Sector and trained. The ones that passed all the trainings were honored as 'Knights' 

Once honored as a Knight, one has to constantly discipline him/herself a gainst all odds. Knights have to go around the continent and spread the teachings of love and righteousness to the misled people. Nevertheless, Knights will finish the Macuapel Sector to the bones.



  Wipe Out   Wide swing of the Weapons delivers critical damage to the victims.   If the victim is cursed with Nemesis, Wipe Out even inflicts more damage    
  Cure   Temporary healings of the party members   Heals the certain amount of HP of oneself and party members.    
  Blessing Soul   Increasing the HP of the party members   Increase the HP of oneself and party members with blessing   Cure 10
  Absolution   Removing one De-buff curse of the party members   Removes the De-buff curse on oneself and party members with the power of purity.    
  Reflection   Returning the inflicted damage to the foes.   Surround oneself with the Holy Aura and send back certain damage to the enemy    
  Divine Lance   Delivering fatal damage by throwing the sacred lance   Highly skilled knights learned how to evolve their mana skills into range attacks. Divine Lance hits the enemiesin far distance    
  Punish   Adding sacred strength into the party's attack rates   Punish adds defense success rate to the players with the shields.    
  Devotion   Increasing the defense rate of the party   Highly skilled Knights protect themselves along with their fellows. Devotion brings up the defense rate of the party.   Reflection
  Range attack with the scared fire   The sacred fire summoned by Knights burns anything evil on its way. It is very deadly because the inflicted damage ceases after several sequences.    
  Fanaticism   Increasing the critical hit rates   The fanaticism of the Knights is the worst nightmare for anyone who goes against them. Fanaticism increases the critical hit rates.    
  Devout   Detonating the strength of light   The explosive expansion of the light severely harms the victim. If cursed with Nemesis, Devout hits even harder. Devout hits longer ranges than Wipe Outs.   Wipe
  Sucking in the nearby enemies into the sacred storm.   Knights put sacred strength into their weapons and cause severe damage    
  Nemesis   Cursing the victim with a certain rate   With the strength of Sacred Justice, Nemesis adds misery to the enemies. Nemesis itself does not inflict any harm but once combined with Wipe Out or Devout, the Knights become very deadly.    
  Slathering the enemies by paving the Sacred Path toward the enemies.   Crusader's Way burns everything evil. This is the upgraded version of Exorcise's Way.   Exorcise'
  Heal Wind   Steadily healing the party members   Knights use the healing wind force to support the HP of the fighting party   Blessing


  Booster HP & MP   HP&MP booster. 1 person buff.    
  Phynics Wave   Crusader’s Way. Wide straight line skill   Crusader’s Way 20
  Hill Tornado   Hill Tornado. Party Buff.   Heal Wind 10