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Master Growth Weapon

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Master Growth Weapon

Only Masters will be able handle new Master Growth Weapons which have great power. The new Growth Weapons for Masters are two handed weapons and have levels from 1 to 3. A level 3 Growth Weapon can transform into enhanced abilities of the character. When the character is equipped with the Growth Weapon, the Growth Weapon will gain 50% of experience points that the character receives. Life, death and resurrection are the same as for a normal growth weapon.


Combination of New Growth Weapon

The Master Growth Weapons with level of 50 can be combined into a new weapon at the “Growth Fountain”. Be forewarned that all Growth Weapon used as combination materials, either alive or dead, will disappear upon failure. (Standard Success Rate 50%, success rate when using Mamel Stone is 70%)

Class Weapon 1 Weapon 2 New Growth upon success
Level 50 Ru Level 50 Ray Adolph
Two-Hand Mastery
Level 50 Buwl Level 50 Kara Baron
Two-Hand Mastery
Level 50 Aiur Level 50 Jade Pavihan
Staff Mastery
Level 50 Torr Level 50 Tumba Kuper
Two-Hand Mastery
Ability of New Growth Weapons by level.
New Growth Weapon level Level 1   Level 2 Level 3
  Level Restriction 41 or more   61 or more 81 or more
  Minimum Maximum   Minimum Maximum Maximum Maximum
Basic Attack
Adolph 382 422 Attack
Adolph 523 623 523 623
Baron 441 482 Baron 607 706 607 706
Pavihan 308 348 Pavihan 428 528 428 528
Kuper 329 701 Kuper 459 862 459 862
Adolph 578 Attack
Adolph 578 578
Baron 588 Baron 588 588
Pavihan 508 Pavihan 508 508
Kuper 518 Kuper 518 518
Option1 %Total
Attack Success Rate
22 42 Attack Rate 55 56 55 56
Option2 Adolph=Strength
30 30 %Final
Attack Success
23 44 23 44
Option3 %Elite Master 80 85 %Elite Master 95 100 95 100
Option4 Attack Rate 54 55 Total Defence
49 50 49 50
Option5 Speed 4 4 Adolph=Strength
30 30 30 30
Option6 - - - Speed 5 5 5 5
Option7 - - - %Mana
3 3 3 3
Maximun HP 18 19 19 20



The Ultimate Ability of New Growth Weapon.

The New Growth Weapon of level 3 have ultimate power and contain ability to change into the form of God. When the character transform, the character will able to obtain ultimate ability of skills with the change in appearance.
The transformation
of ultimate ability of
New Growth
All transformation skill Name of Skill Skill Details
Invincibility Invincibility during the period.
Stun Knock out the target with the fierce force during the period.
Transformation in each class Class Skill for each class Name of each skill Skill Details

Flame of rapis Powerful pillar of flame to attack targets.

Aura of scape Attack the target within the range of Aura.

Lightning of coeliss Attack the target with Lightning

Dignity of exiliss Attack the target with earthquake.
Transformation Maintenance period of New Growth Weapon
Change Time
Recovery Time
● Things to remember in transformation of New Growth Weapon
- The maintenance time of transformation of New Growth Weapon is 10 minutes. 
- After the transformation, maximum of 5% of life will be remained for penalty in not able to use the growth weapon.
- The penalty after transformation will remain for 20 hours to unable to use the New Growth Weapon
- The penalty will be applied in the case of removal of equip New Growth Weapon during the transformation. 
- Attack rate and Defense rate, HP, MP will increase according to the character’s stat.
- During the transformation, only passive skill will be applied with all (Class) skill will not apply 
- During the transformation, only be able to use the transformed character’s skill. 
- In case of equip with New Growth Weapon, the growth weapon will obtain 50% of EXP of the character without condition.
- Unable to name the new Growth Weapon.
- Possible to initializing the penalty time with using “Clock of Growth” on New Growth Weapon
- Possible to revive the life of the New Growth Weapon by using “Growth Water”.
- Possible to revive the dead New Growth Weapon by using "Super Soul Stone”.
- The dead New Growth Weapon will be indicated in gray color icon.
- During the transformation, the indication of seconds in the remaining time will disappear when the constant reconnection occur.