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Kartraz Camp

time: 2014-06-06 12:47:19


Kartraz Camp


Kartraz Camp(Simple mode and hard mode),Level 100+ can only enter Kartraz Camp(hard mode)

How to enter:

Cronous Castle,Open NPC Page:

Move Character according to navigation direction

Move to (67:217),you will see Kayra。

Click Kayra and choose the mode you want


Drop Items:


+11 Avalon's Ring;+11 Avalon's Necklac;+11 Avalon's Pendant;+11 Nomos' Ring;+11 Nomos' Necklace;+11 Nomos' Pendant;Kai;Crash;Jend;Schilt;Ru;Buwl;Torr;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Jade;Tumba;Offal Earring;Sapphire Earring;The ancient Soil volume;The ancient Fire volume;Accords Pendant;Accords Ring;Accords Necklace;Accords Earring;



Conrads Pendant;Conrads Ring;Conrads Necklace;Conrads Earring;+15 Avalon's Ring;+15 Avalon's Necklac;+15 Avalon's Pendant;+15 Nomos' Ring;+15 Nomos' Necklace;+15 Nomos' Pendant;Kai;Crash;Jend;Schilt;Ru;Buwl;Torr;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Jade;Tumba; The ancient Soil volume;The ancient Fire volume;The ancient Water volume;Matarel card 2013;Matarel card 2015;Element(Darkness)