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Desert of Death

time: 2014-06-28 10:23:04

Desert of Death


Desert of Death


一、Level Requirement

1 junior 2nd Class level 115--124

2 senior 2nd Class level 125+

二、How to enter:

Find Npc  Deliverance of the soul in  PyangYa Town



Click Deliverance of the soul,choose the mode you want





三、BOSS introduction

BOSS Gladiator Kelroin refresh every 2 hours


四、Item drops


+7 Heavenly Gauntlets+7 Heavenly Greaves+7 Heavenly Belt+7 Heavenly Helm+7 Heavenly Armor+7 WindFury Gauntlets+7 WindFury Greaves+7 WindFury Belt+7 WindFury Helm+7 WindFury Armor+7 Mystic Gauntlets+7 Mystic Greaves+7 Mystic Belt+7 Mystic Helm+7 Mystic Armor+7 Genocide Gauntlets+7 Genocide Greaves+7 Genocide Belt+7 Genocide Helm+7 Genocide ArmorDraconic Belt of expressionDraconic Greaves of expressionDraconic Gauntlet of expressionDraconic Helm of expressionDraconic Armor of expressionDraconic Belt of devoteDraconic Greaves of devoteDraconic Gauntlet of devoteDraconic Helm of devoteDraconic Armor of devoteDraconic BeltDraconic GreavesDraconic GauntletDraconic HelmDraconic ArmorKaiCrashJendSchiltRuBuwlTorrAiurJadeRayKaraTumbaThe ancient Soil volumeThe ancient Fire volumeThe ancient Water volumeThe ancient Wood volumeThe ancient Gold volumeSoul of TawoorielVitality ExtractorSealed RuSealed BuwlSealed AiurSealed TorrSealed RaySealed KaraSealed JadeSealed TumbaCube of WarriorCube of SkeletonCube of AncientCube of the GongCube of the HyunCube of the JinCube of Legend


Desert of Death junior:

+10 Ascension Gauntlets;+10 Ascension Greaves;+10 Ascension Belt;+10 Ascension Helm;+10 Ascension Armor;+10 Darkness Gauntlets;+10 Darkness Greaves;+10 Darkness Belt;+10 Darkness Helm;+10 Darkness Armor;+10 Noble Gauntlets;+10 Noble Greaves;+10 Noble Belt;+10 Noble Helm;+10 Noble Armor;+10 Reckless Gauntlets;+10 Reckless Greaves;+10 Reckless Belt;+10 Reckless Helm;+10 Reckless Armor;Kai;Crash;Jend;Schilt;Ru;Buwl;Torr;Jade;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Tumba;The ancient Soil volume;The ancient Fire volume;The ancient Water volume;The ancient Wood volume;The ancient Gold volume;Cube of Warrior;Cube of Skeleton;Cube of Ancient;Cube of the Gong;Cube of the Hyun;Cube of the Jin;Cube of Legend;+15 Avalon's Ring;+15 Avalon's Necklac;+15 Avalon's Pendant;+15 Nomos' Ring;+15 Nomos' Necklace;+15 Nomos' Pendant;+15 Frill Pendant;+15 Imago Pendant;+15 Petunia Pendant;+15 Vepres Necklace;+15 Vortex Necklace;+15 Hrunti Necklace;+15 Gungnir Necklace;+15 Shade Ring;+15 Leno Ring;+15 Tippica Ring;+15 Engulf Ring;+15 Horatius Ring;+15 Hermod Ring;+10 Offal Earring;+10 Sapphire Earring;Vitality Extractor