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Bloody demon Valley

time: 2015-01-07 19:57:24

Bloody demon Valley

Bloody demon Valley instance need 2nd Class Lv 130+(Single Mode) can't Enter with team

Bloody demon Valley is hidder Instance of Evil Cunabula,Evil Cunabula Task need to be finished before enter Instance,click Monument at 43:32







80 Monster must be killed in 10 minutes ,or BOss will not appear :



Matariel must be KO in 15 minutes,or mission fail


Items From Boss Matariel

Conversion Crystal;Jakiel card 2016;Enchant Stone(2M);Enchant Stone(2M);±1 Enchant Stone(2M);Compensation Hammer(2M);The ancient Soil volume;The ancient Fire volume;The ancient Water volume;The ancient Wood volume;The ancient Gold volume;The ancient Soil volume A;The ancient Fire volume A;The ancient Water volume A;The ancient Wood volume A;Experience Lottery Dice (EXP);Enchant Stone(1m);Curse Enchant Stone(1m);Holy Enchant Stone(1m);±1 Enchant Stone(1m);Preservation Stone(1m);Compensation Hammer(1m);Academy Graduation Gift Box;Enchant Stone(D);Holy Stone(D);Curse Stone(D);Enchant Stone(C);Holy Stone(C);Curse Stone(C);3% Enchant Stone(D);3% Holy Stone(D);3% Enchant Stone(C);3% Holy Stone(C);5% Enchant Stone(D);5% Holy Stone(D);5% Enchant Stone(C);5% Holy Stone(C);Enchant Stone(M);Cursed Stone(M);3% Enchant Stone(M);5% Enchant Stone(M);Holy Stone(M);3% Holy Stone(M);5% Holy Stone(M);+/- 1 Enchant Stone (D);+/- 1 Enchant Stone (C);Ru;Buwl;Torr;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Tumba;Arms Drill Activities Reward(I);Arms Drill Activities Reward(II);Arms Drill Activities Reward(III);kama1;kama2;Cube of Warrior;Cube of Skeleton;Cube of Ancient;Cube of the Gong;Cube of the Hyun;Cube of the Jin;Cube of Legend;Crystal of Fury;Crystal of Hatred;Crystal of Discord;Crystal of Greed;Soul scroll [Y-tudha-na];Soul scroll [DarkKnight];Adolph;Baron;Kooper;Pavian