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Tano war ruins

time: 2015-06-25 21:01:37


Level Requirement:Level 145+

How to enter:Teleport Npc Maelle in Sitis Terra

Admission prices:2500 silver coin

BOSS Reborn every 90 minutes


Item Drops:

The ancient Soil volumeThe ancient Fire volumeThe ancient Water volumeThe ancient Wood volumeThe ancient Gold volumeThe ancient Soil volume AThe ancient Fire volume AThe ancient Water volume AThe ancient Wood volume AThe ancient Gold volume AEnchant Stone(2M)Enchant Stone(2M);±1 Enchant Stone(2M)Compensation Hammer(2M)Cursed Stone (2M)Matarel card 2015Jakiel card 2015Bereukiel card 2015Tawooriel card 2015Ahsmourel card 2015Duel Card 2015Tawooriel card 2013Matarel card 2013Jakiel card 2013Bereukiel card 2013Ahsmourel card 2013Duel Card 2013Matarel card 2016Jakiel card 2016Bereukiel card 2016Tawooriel card 2016Ahsmourel card 2016Soul of TawoorielSealed RuSealed BuwlSealed AiurSealed TorrSealed RaySealed KaraSealed JadeSealed TumbaSealed kaiSealed CruelSealed JendSealed SlaughterBroken Piece of Ark of the Spirit[Midium]Forging gemsInitialize the gemsOrganics BeadReinforce Organics BeadEmpty BeadVitality Extractor+/- 1 Enchant Stone(M)Melting StoneAncient CoppercoinAncient SilvercoinAncient GoldcoinAncient Coppercoin PouchAncient Silvercoin PouchAncient Goldcoin PouchVestiges of Tartanos War AVestiges of Tartanos War BVestiges of Tartanos War CVestiges of Tartanos War DSpirits of ArcannaSpirits of Ancerostina