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Dark world prison

time: 2015-06-25 21:07:14

Level Requirement:Level 100 - Level 125

How to enter:Teleport Npc Maelle in Sitis Terra



There are 10000 monster npcs in the Instance,only after 10000 were killed boss appears at  106:66.This is a  good place for level100-125  leveling, monster's experience is  high.

Item drops:

AdolphBaronKooperPavianKaiCrashJendSchiltRuBuwlTorrAiurRayKaraJadeTumbaHoly Stone(D)Curse Stone(D)Holy Stone(C)Curse Stone(C)3% Holy Stone(M)5% Holy Stone(M)+/- 1 Enchant Stone(M)+15 Immortal Crown+9 Jakiel's Necklace+10 Jakiel's Necklace+9 Jakiel's Ring+10 Jakiel's Ring+9 Jakiel's Pendant+10 Jakiel's PendantDivine SpiritsSpirits of TitanSpirits of JeopardySpirits of SeekerInsoluble IcicleFerocious FurFeral Fangs