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New zone apollo garden R Description

time: 2017-12-06 22:23:05

New zone apollo garden R  Description:

1,Kill BOSS “Sun god planet” in apollo garden or Colosseum drop Sun god ticket

2,apollo garden  x:30 y:23  click on NPC:Paragon to enter

    apollo garden R  (apollo garden R ticket needed).


3,Kill  10000 monsters in apollo garden R to activate Boss Instance ,it will appear 20 God of sun Defender or God of sun Guardian

     Kill God of sun Defender or God of sun Guardian in 20 minutes Activate last BOSS [Sidus]

    The last Boss [Sidus] needs to be killed within 20 minutes. initialization time 30 minutes


Items Combination fomula:

Holy restoration Stone (M)+Weapons of the sun god+Craft Stone=Sun god bless smelting stone

+7 Angra Accessories+Left eye of Sidus +Right eye of Sidus +Broken Crow of Sidus+Craft Stone=Sun god's Accessories

Sun God bless smelting stone:

used to refine Angra armor, weapons, accessories and solar god weapons, the success of +1 to 3 failed -1.


Items drops:

Holy restoration Stone (M)  apollo garden R ticket  Left eye of Sidus  Right eye of Sidus

Broken Crow of Sidus  Weapons of the sun god  Weapons of the sun god[5]  Ingot

Weapons of the sun god[10]  Weapons of the sun god[50]  newBoss Soul scroll box

Sun god bless smelting stone  Volcano BOX  Tryfing BOX  Polluted Holy Water

Blessed holy Water  Salamander Color Paint  Dragon Color Paint  Metal Color Paint

Blessing of God 90.0 (0.5hour)  Blessing of God 100.0 (0.5hour) 100% Enchant Stone(C)     

100% Enchant Stone(D)Blessing of God 200.0 (0.5hour) 100% Enchant Stone(M)

100% Enchant Stone(1M) Ancient Coppercoin Pouch  Ancient Silvercoin Pouch

Ancient Goldcoin Pouch


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