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Lv requirement: Lv 70+

How to EnterSitis Terra>Castle Unos>Malus Ora>Evil Cunabula

Requirement of BOSS appear:

First time:90 monster npcs

Second time:46 monster npcs(Schreder)

Third time:46 monster npcsIdra

Fouth time:46 monster npcsSlade

Fifth time:46 monster npcsMatariel


BOSS Introduction


HP EXP Damage
1000000 2000000 32000~32000
Defense Defense Rate Rate
2000 4500 3600



Sitis Terra>Castle Unos

Castle Unos>Malus Ora

Malus Ora>Evil Cunabula

Items from BOSS:

Kai;Crash;Jend;Schilt;Ru;Buwl;Torr;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Tumba;Jade;Matarel card 2013;Matarel card 2015;Charm of Glory;Slade's Tear;Jewel of the Laputa;Vow of Warrior;Casket of Sorrow;Writings of Akasic;Bell of Victory;Cube of Legend;Soul scroll [Y-tudha-na];Enchant Stone(D);Holy Stone(C);Holy Stone(D);Curse Stone(D);Enchant Stone(M);Cursed Stone(M);Holy Stone(M);Matariel's Blood;Sealed Belt;Piece of Akasic;Fairy Powder;Mana Stone Fragment;Vitality Extractor