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How to Enter:River of Resurrection>River of Flame>Monster Mill BOSS

Requirement of BOSS appearKill all Npc of  Monster Mill BOSS(upper)

Special RequirementJakiel Reborn every 60 minutes

BOSS Introduction:


HP EXP Damage
100000000 40000000 240000~270000
Defense Defense Rate Rate
10000 3500 6000


How to Enter: Leave from Kaineus to River of Flame by boat and find Entrance of  [River of Flame]
NPC Wicked pig in [River of Flame] Must be killed to Enter [Monster Mill BOSS]
Monster Mill BOSS->Monster Mill BOSS(Upper)

Items Form Boss:

Kai;Crash;Jend;Schilt;Ru;Buwl;Torr;Aiur;Ray;Kara;Tumba;Jade;Nail of Azzazell;Nail of Goruson;Eye of King Vega;Jakiel's Scales;Stardust of Coeliss;Firm Belief;Cry of Sky;Poison of Flower;The Power of Wind;Seal of Warrior;Sealed Gauntlets;Jakiel card 2015;Jakiel card 2013