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level up strategy

time: 2017-03-15 13:39:51

Level  1 ~ 69

Castle CronousUnderground prison


Level  70~ 99

1st Class:Shadow Room

1st Maste:Necropolis KeyraEntice  River of Flame  Sunken Dungeon Trade union

2nd Class:Necropolis KeyraIce Cave  Sunken Dungeon Trade union


Level  100 ~ 114

1st Class & 1st Maste:

Dark world prison  Sunken Ship Armaho  Forgotten Temple  Underground Cave

2nd  Class:

Dark world prison  Valkyrie Temple(2nd 110lv) Sunken Ship Armaho  Forgotten Temple  Underground CaveDesert of DeathValkyrie Island


Level  115 ~ 144

 1st Maste:Devil's Playground

2nd  Class:Devil's PlaygroundFort Artur RamAncient Forest


Level  145 ~ 184

Fort Artur RamEvent ZoneShadow Dungeon


Level  185 ~

Fort Artur Ram(115lv)Shadow DungeonOvest Island