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Maintenance and Update Notice

time: 2017-06-08 14:00:43
Maintenance Time : 2017-06-09 GMT 7:00-9:00 about 2hours
Updates :
1. Adding "Summon Party" in the point store
"Summon Party" explanation :
-Character in a party can use this item in Hall of the wise
-Use Summon Party by entering in the scroll /summonparty which will bring your party members into Hall of the wise
  -Party members must be at least lvl 185
2. New pet Immotal-Ignis released
Combination formula :
  Legend Phoenix (lv50)+
Unicorn Pet (lv50) = Immotal-Ignis
Success rate is 50%
Success : Immotal - Ignis
Failure : Legend Phoenix (lv50)
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