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time: 2017-06-28 22:58:31
1. Raise assassin's critical hit damage
2. Hestia lottery BOX will be added to point store ( 20170630~20170707 Hestia Lottery BOX will be removed during maintenance)
3. Hestia box will contain these items :
Hestia lottery BOX:
Artifacts Jewel
incomplete hestia Sword
incomplete hestia chakram
incomplete hestia Wand
incomplete hestia axe
incomplete hestia Shield
seal hestia Sword
seal hestia Claw
seal hestia Wand
seal hestia axe
seal hestia Shield
hestia Sword
hestia Chakram
hestia Wand
hestia axe
hestia Shield
Hestia Helm
Hestia Gauntlets
Hestia Greaves
Hestia Armor
Hestia Belt