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free BUFF package(2017-10-01---2017-10-31)

time: 2017-10-01 21:42:48

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free BUFF package(2017-10-01---2017-10-31)
{Automatic hunters 、The moon cake 、Demons Land Scroll、Shine Egg Fried、Super Soul Keeper 、Free Teleport 、Book of Maelle 、New Super Scroll Plus 、New Super Scroll Plus D 、New Super Scroll Plus F 、Blessings of God skill scrolls(lv 5) } for 15 days,{Blessing of God 40.0 、Blessing of God 50.0}BUFF 4 days,Orias armor BOX(One-time)*1,Iron Golem Costume(15 day)*1



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