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New Update at 2017.10.15(New weapons,New weapon skills)

time: 2017-10-14 13:10:33
Maintenance time:GTM 2:30~4:30,it will last for about 2 hours
1,update new Angra Mainyu  Weapons and pendants
2,update new  sun god Weapons
3,update new Weapon skill system
4,update new Ilias Dragon pet
5,update new Boss:Sun god star
6, Colosseum soon update.
Angra Mainyu  Weapons and pendant  combine:
1,Angra weapon BOX = The crystallization of interstell+Angra weapon of the soul.
2,Angra Ornaments BOX = The crystallization of interstell +Angra's eyes.
3, +0~+4 weapons or pendants will appear when you right click Angra Box
Weapons kind: single hand Weapon Level requirment:lv215 
sun god Weapons combination:
1,Weapons of the sun god *5 = Weapons of the sun god[5]  ,
2,Weapons of the sun god[5] *2 = Weapons of the sun god[10]
3,Weapons of the sun god[10]*5 + Craft Stone =Weapons of the sun god[50] ,
4,Weapons of the sun god[50]*4 + Craft Stone = Weapons of the sun god[200] 
5,Weapons of the sun god[200] + 7Angra Mainyu  Weapons +Craft Stone =sun god  Weapons 
Combination failure +0 Angra Mainyu  Weapon
Weapons kind: two hand Weapon Level requirment:lv230 
Sun god weapon Refining:
Need to combine Holy restoration Stone (M)
Blessed holy Water*5+Holy restoration Stone (D)=Holy restoration Stone (M)
Refining success +1 failure will not disappear to become +0
Ilias Dragon combine:
LV50 Unicorn Pet*2 +LV50 corruption Unicorn*2 +  LV50 Enhance The  Cromadon*2+Craft Stone=Ilias Dragon' s egg
Level requirment:lv215 
New Weapon's skill system:
Wear +7 Angra Mainyu  Weapon + or +10 sun god Weapon + will get 5  extra special skills
Higher weapon level,higher weaopn skill level 
 Knight  Assassin  Titan

new Boss Sun god star  items drop :

Angra's Scales
Angra's eyes
Angra weapon fragment
Weapons of the sun god
Blessed holy Water
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