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Our cronous server is maintained and updated on Nov. 4

time: 2017-11-02 18:55:11


Server maintenance time GMT: 1: 00 ~ 4: 00  (Approximately 3Hrs).
Maintain content:
1, the server security check
2, Add Non-pvp server sub-line,Non-pvp server has no camp war,If you want to 
 participate in  camp war you have to  log on PVP line.
3, update the Colosseum
The Colosseum Rules Introduction:
1,Castle Cronous NPC Leman x: 198 y: 163 entr
2,Click NPC GuardA  enter  (Enter level 70 or higher)
3,Enter the need summon manual 
  Then right click summon manual 
  Please note: Please proceed within 1 minute, otherwise it will force to leave.
4,character can not use Polymorph Scroll, if the character is dead, the system will give you automatic resurrection.
  if the death reaches 10 times will leave
  Can not be used Maell's Book and Free Teleport 
5,summon manual  Shops and point shop for sale  
  other Some zone will drop

6,Everyone can only use five summon manuals per day

7,Colosseum daily initialization time GMT 14:00, Saturday night 19:30 to 21:00 can not enter the Colosseum.
8,Kill all the monster drop items
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