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March Package On

time: 2018-03-14 12:04:15

1,March Free BUFF Gift Package(2018.03.14~2018.03.31)

{Camp war(Victory party)、Shine Egg Fried、The moon cake 、New Super Scroll Plus F、New Super Scroll Plus 、New Super Scroll Plus D }BUFF 7 day,{Blessing of God 40.0 
、Blessing of God 50.0}BUFF 2 day
2,Cumulative Donations $100 package(2018-03-01~2018-03-31)
{+7 Angra Mainyu Armor 1set,Awakening SunGod Avatar (7 day),2018 New VIP Scroll (7 day),Blessing of God 200.0 (10hour),World Cup Helm,World Cup Armor,100% Enchant Stone (M)*3,100% Enchant Stone (1M)*3,100% Enchant Stone (2M)*3,
Safe Holy blessed water *3,± Holy blessed water *2,Holy blessed water 100%*1}
3,Cumulative Donations $500 package(2018-03-01~2018-03-31)
{2018 New VIP Scroll (15 day),Blessing of God 200.0 (1day),+10 Angra Mainyu Accessories 1set,+10 Angra Mainyu weapon*1,+10 Angra Mainyu- shield*1,Holy blessed water 100%*4,± Holy blessed water *10,100% Enchant Stone(2M)*7,100% Enchant Stone (1M)*7,100% Enchant Stone (M)*7}


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