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Christmas New Year Event

time: 2018-12-18 19:18:45
Christmas New Year Event
1,Christmas New Year Event Free BUFF Package 
{Camp war(Victory party)、Shine Egg Fried、The moon cake 、New Super Scroll Plus F、New Super Scroll Plus 、New Super Scroll Plus D }BUFF 7 day,{Blessing of God 40.0 
Blessing of God 50.0}BUFF 2 day
2,event zone: Ma-Dravas  Haunted Beach Ovest Island 
3,Kill the monsters of the event and randomly dorp items:
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece1
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece2
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece3
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece4
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece5
Christmas Card Puzzle Piece6
Christmas  Holy Preservation Stone
Christmas Card=Christmas Card Puzzle Piece1~6 x1
Christmas  Earring =  Christmas Card x 6
Christmas Earring Refining needs Christmas Holy Preservation Stone
5,Points shop Sold Christmas Holy Preservation Stone
6,,Donation package:
   Single donation of $200:
Blessing of God 100.0 *7day、Camp war(Victory party)*7day、2018 New VIP Scroll (15 day)
Holy blessed water 100%*5、Soul scroll IV [Infinite]*99*2 、2018 World Cup Avatar  (30day)*1
+15 hestia Armor 1SET
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