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Server maintenance and update notifications

time: 2019-06-20 15:21:35



Our server will be updated and maintained at 5:00 (approximately 5 hours) on June 21st.

Maintenance time can not login games and websites
We sincerely apologize for inconveniences rendered.


1. Update the hero system of the new version of the infinite.

2, shop part ITEM price adjustment.

3. Cancel the copy of the alien cronous and the unknown river.

4, update the open new zone volcanic plain, Valkyrie cemetery, frozen village

5, update the bloody altar

6. Update the daily check-in task system.

7, cancel the NOPVP server.

8, balance character experience system.

9, optimize the Colosseum system.

12, the new version of character and infinite hero Level MAX 300

13,Open an update event

New client download 6:00 open

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