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Infinite Heroes Introduction

time: 2019-06-20 16:05:42

                                            Infinite Heroes Introduction

The system of infinite heroes is coming online, and new gameplay will make us even stronger.

First of all, what is the infinite hero system?

A perfect growth system with an infinite hero growth role that will have additional attributes and new skills.

1. Levels up to level 200 will qualify for the "InfiniteHeroes" mission.

2. When you complete the "Infinite Hero" Quest  you get the "mark of infinite hero."  There are 4 types in total

Mark of the infinite hero-Knight
Mark of the infinite hero-Assassin
Mark of the infinite hero-Wizard
Mark of the infinite hero-Titan

Activate infiniteheroes in a given website. Infiniteheroes can choose any class other than himself.



You can customize the name of the infinite hero that belongs to you.




3. As the infinite hero grows, you will gain additional attributes and new abilities.

4. The infinite hero attribute obtained through the Infinite Hero system is added to the character attribute.

5. The Infinite Hero System contains 25 new skills.

The character uses skills other than the infinite skill, and the infinite hero will follow the skill of using the infinite hero.

The character uses the infinite attack skill, and the infinite hero will activate the hero's ultimate skill.

6 Infinite Heroes transforms into 5 stages, depending on the progress of the infinite hero growth.

 The Infinite Hero transforms the book that requires the Infinite Forgiveness to activate this skill.

 Activate this ability to increase the character and infiniteheroes 100~200 all ability values ​​and 5~10.0X  Exp

7 The Infinity Hero is not killed by a monster attack, but if the character is in a moving map cross-border abnormal state, the character death infinity hero will also follow death and will reduce the infinite hero's 10% experience.

8 character breaks the attribute upper limit must use the infinite hero's attribute points and various skills BUFF

The attributes of the infinite hero and character will be superimposed on each other.

The limit of each attribute point of the infinite hero is MAX 3000 points.

9 Infiniteheroes can wear exclusive armor weapons. You can purchase them at the novice store or get exclusive copies of the Infinite Heroes. Wearing the Infinity Hero Armor weapon can be worn by right clicking on the appropriate armor and weapon.

10 Characters and Infinite Heroes can be partyed but other community features cannot be used.  Press the shortcut key "N" to open the infinite hero system 


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