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Tomb of Valkyrie Introduction

time: 2019-06-22 10:46:14

Tomb of Valkyrie Introduction

1. zone mode: not remembered.

2. Volcanic plain coordinates X: 52 Y: 219 NPC: Hernest enters.

3. Enter restrictions: 1) Need to be an infinite hero 2) Need Pledge scroll of Ancient Valkyrie.

4. Once the character enters the active Quest, summons 6 BOSS in the graveyard to destroy 6 BOSS. Random summons true and false BOSS Valkyrie. When BOSS HP<80% <60% <30% BOSS turns on invincible mode and summons 10 followers

Destroy all followers BOSS will reactivate and destroy BOSS to complete Quest.

5. Quest can re-enter after the death of the character.

6. Quest time is 30 minutes. Quest CD 2 hours

7. Complete the Quest Reward:

Book of infinite forgiveness

Final Blow Stone

Turn State Potion

Valkyrie's grudge

hero Enchant Stone

hero Curse Enchant Stone

hero Holy Enchant Stone

hero ±1 Enchant Stone

hero Holy Preservation Stone

Infinite hero god's Broad Sword

Infinite hero god's Bow

Infinite hero god's Staff

Infinite hero god's Axe

Infinite hero god's Helm

Infinite hero god's Gauntlets

Infinite hero god's Greaves

Infinite hero god's Armor

Infinite hero god's Belt