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Forging system

time: 2014-05-26 21:02:44

forging system:

Click on Npc Crystal of Sanctuary in Castle Cronous coordinate(206:184),forged items or initialize items you want following the prompts.
       Note:forging system only forged items equip on body,don't  include items in inventory,you must have enough forging gems.you need to relogin game to use
the statistics forged on the items.forging system can forged items to 8 statistics.Items to be forged must be divine combination items or magic combination items or weopons. If you forged Growth weapon which not reach the maximum level,it's satistics will be changed when it level up.The satistics forged by forging system will not be changed when you refine or use Compensation Hammer.
Statistics forged are randomly,forging system makes player's item distinct from others.