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Fusion System

time: 2014-05-26 21:02:50

How to use Fusion system&Fusion formula:

1、Fusion system
        First wear item1 or item2 you want to fuse and get enough fusion liquid in inventory,put item1 or item2 to the slot you want to fuse(every fusion need one fusion liquid.
2、fused item decomposition
        Take fused item from slot,it will decompose to item1 and item2 before fusion
3、How to get fusion liquid
       Fusion liquid drops in most Instance
4、fusion Oracle(T):http://www.cronous.online/chengzhangwuqi/20150824/820.html 
5、 fusion weapon summon: http://www.cronous.online/tesexitong/20140526/614.html
6、Fusion formula and statistics: