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The group of Valkyries is a mysterious tribe not known to the outside world. There are various theories explaining this tribe, not supported by any records. According to the established theory, they have lived from the ancient times. Their body structure and capability are known to be different from those of ordinary human beings. They are said to live in a remote and isolated area by themselves. This theory is based on the evidence that they were found in coastal cities or castles. 
However, no one knows how they came here and where they are from. 

Valkyries are working across the continent, not telling anybody about themselves. They only say, "We exist for power balance,t not on anybody's side". According to what travellers say, they often fought for the Coellis sect. At other times, they worked for the Macuapel sect. There are various documents dealing with the Tartanos war from D.A 6 to A.C. 1029, none of which mention Valkyries. They often explain a mysterious group which may be related to Valkyries. However, there is no report that something related to Valkyries was found. They have remained in silence even during more than 1000 years of the chaotic period. However, as Sidus brought on war, they started interfering in CRONOUS. 

Across the continent, Valkyries are actively working, which means that they are trying to tip the power balance of the war. This tells us how serious the current situation is. It is also known that some Valkyries recently gave up their duties and started working for one side. Rumor has it that assassins were dispatched to get rid of such Valkyries secretly. However, nothing was proved yet.

Valkyries look like women but nobody knows whether they are human or not. Theirkilling skills are known to be very deadly. Valkyries having various fighting techniques, as well as the basic attacking power, are especially strong in close combat. Like fighters, they rely on both magic and physical attacks. Their magic is known to be clearly differentiated from the one fighters or magicians use. With short and light weapons, they attack enemies at an astounding speed, which is so powerful that enemies can't avoid them.



  Haste   Increase the attack speed and the % of successful attacks, temporarily.   The attack speed and the % of successful attacks increase during the effective period temporarily but the time is not accumulated. The attack speed is proportionate to the basic attack speed of weapons.   2
  Life Tab   Attacking enemies, absorb part of their HP.   Valkyries learn a skill to absorb as their life power part of the damage they give during a battle. This is proportionate to the damage. Therefore, the more powerful the attack is, the greater the effect is.   5
  Aura   Aura Increase the offensive and defensive power temporarily by emitting Aura.   This skill gives you advantages in offense and defense, though maximum life power decreases. The higher the skill level is, the more life power is lost. However, the attack can be more deadly.   8
  Feather Step   Increase the % of successful defense permanently.   This passive skill increases the % of dodge, one of the characteristics of Valkyries. It is possible to dodge attack 100% in probability.   13
  Bind Tentacle   Surround enemies by using tentacles from underground   This skill focuses on additional effects, rather than attacks. After tying a competent enemy with tentacles, you can run away or delay the battle. However, because it does not give much damage to enemies, it may not be effective in attacking them.   15
  Do deadly damage to enemies by delivering a shower of blows on them at one attack.   This skill is designed to give much damage to enemies by delivering a shower of blows. The damage inflicted on enemies can increase four-fold.   20
  Burst   A character can move to the location of his enemy in an instant.   Valkyries are very dangerous, whose attack is deadly. The Burst that enables Valkyries to move to a target location make them more threatening   25
  Wail of
  The wail of Valkyrie makes enemies s lower, sometimes killing them.   The wail of Valkyrie is so powerful that it can make enemies fear to die, ultimately killing them or making them slower. However, some characters are brave enough not to be killed by the wail.   30
  Crushing Fall   Make a deadly attack, jumping from the ground.   This is Valkyrie's powerful attacking skill. Valkyries jump from the ground, making a deadly attack against enemies around them. This attack has fire attribute.   45
  Shadow   Create the other self for fighting.   It is not known how Valkyrie can create the other self. However, it has the same capability as the original Valkyrie, even using part of skills Valkyrie learned.   60