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Most savages are more than 2m tall and very masculine, not defeated by any enemies. Savages are very strong and wild, characterized by a hardened face, a low tone of voice, and black beard. Their gigantic body and daunting atmosphere make them differentiated from others. From childhood, they were trained to overcome the wild environment. Every year, they should endure the steaming heat and biting cold, strengthening themselves through training and hunting. Furthermore, they can't lower their guard to protect themselves from the attacks of wild animals. Therefore, it is natural that they are bigger and stronger than other warriors. 

Savages learn their own martial arts from ancestors, most of which are offensive skills, rather than defensive ones. In fact, most savages learn how to use ax, hammer, sword, and lance, rather than shield. 

The ceaseless training characterizing their daily lives makes savages grow to be regular warriors at a younger age. Furthermore, they should go to a designated place and survive all perils for one year. If they go through the training process, they can become much stronger warriors who can compete with several ordinary ones at the same time. 

The origin of savages can be summarized as follows. Efferus Montanus, the hometown of savages, was once called the mountain that can't be reached. According to some documents, they came down from the mountain for the first time in A.C. 367 in order to fight for the Coellis sect. However, it is not known how they came down and why the mountain hadn't been reached. 

According to savage's prophecy from the ancient times, there is a phrase saying that if the red light soars to the sky from the west for three days and three nights, the road will be opened and you will see people waiting for salvation. 

According to the document that mentioned savages for the first time, Berkiel, the Great Devil, drained the area around Sitis Terra of its life to make it a desert before savages came down from the mountain. 

At that time, the red light is known to have soared to the sky for three days. However, it is not clear whether the area around Sitis Terra was not originally a desert or what the prophecy passed over to savages was. There is no detailed information left on this matter. We just believe that all of these incidents were controlled by Coellis, the Great God. Savages can use all kinds of weapons at their disposal, but their favorite weapon is a large ax. 

Considering that magic is not their source of power, savages focused on strengthening their physical power by themselves. Even though many savages are now wielding stronger power by using magic, depending on the situation, their ranking is basically determined by physical strength. (Savages are forbidden to usemagic to attack their colleagues.) They are very proud of themselves, taking care of each other and willing to die for friends.



  Make one attack as effective as a double attack.   Double attack makes the basic attack do more damage to enemies. The higher the level is, the greater the added damage is. The damage can go up to two times higher level than that of basic attacks   2
  Shout of
  Furious shouting that can make enemies shrink away   Gigantic savages roar to make enemies lose their fighting spirit. This skill is not only good for individual fighting but for party-based battle. Party members really love to use this skill.   5
  Attack enemies by creating shockwaves.   This skill using Mana is based on the strong power of savages, which maximizes its effect by increasing the % of successful attacks. Spinning attack can do damage not only to the target but also the nearby area, which can be effectively used when you are surrounded by enemies.   8
  Wind Blade   Using Mana's power, you can attack far-away enemies with general weapons.   This skill for slow savages is designed to check far-away enemies. Even though it doesn't increase the attacking power greatly, it is effective in decreasing the speed of enemies that are hit. It is related to the % of successful attacks. Therefore, if savages don't pay attention to nimbleness, they may not use this skill successfully.   13
  Stone Skin   Increase your defensive power by making your body as hard as a stone.   This skill is designed to strengthen the defensive power of attack-oriented savages. This can be effectively used when you are surrounded by enemies.   15
  Power Break   Decrease the offensive power of enemies for a certain period of time.   This skill decreases only general attacking power. After a certain period of time, the attacking power is recovered. This doesn't increase the attacking power, inciting specific status.   20
  Stun   Make enemies fall in a faint, so they can't move or deliver a counter-attack.   Savages' powerful attack has an enemy fall in a faint, so that they can't even dream of making a counterattack. The higher the level of the enemy is, the faster it can return to itself. Stun is one of effective weapons savages can use.   25
  Quick Step   Increase the moving speed and the % of successful defense during the effective period of time.   If using Quick Step, savages don't have to be criticized as the slowest class any more. As they get faster, the % of successful defense increases. It is worth learning.   30
  Spirit Training   This passive skill helps savages increase the offensive power and the % of successful attacks.   Experienced savages put more emphasis on spiritual strength than physical one. Spirit Training enables you to increase the attacking power and the % of successful attacks by enhancing your spiritual capability.   45
  Lion Heart   Maximize savage's capability in battle.   Lion Heart is the strongest skill maximizing savage's capability in battle, which is from savage heros who fought during the Tartanos war. You can increase the maximum of the attacking speed, HP, and MP for a certain period of time by using this skill.   60